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The 4K Ultra HD TV List

Ready to jump into 4K Ultra HD TV? Here are some choices


Panasonic TC-L65WT600 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TV

Panasonic TC-L65WT600 65-inch THX Certified 4K Ultra HD TV
Image provided by Panasonic
The TC-L65WT600 is the first 4K Ultra HD LED/LCD TV from Panasonic. First off, it is THX 4K Ultra HD certified, and is equipped with a 65-inch LED-lit LCD screen, 120Hz screen refresh rate, and is further supported by backlight scanning.

Upscaling is provided for 1080p and lower resolution input signals as well as additional video processing for 4K source signals in order to display images free of artifacts and noise. The TC-L65WT600 also features Smart TV functions, including a full web-browser and built-in web cam, as well as Panasonic's My Home Screen, Swipe-and-Share, Voice Interaction, and 4K streaming capability.

The TC-L65WT600 also incorporates HDMI 2.0 compatibility), which allows the acceptance of 60p (60 progressive frames per second) 4K input signals (4K TVs available currently are limited to 30p 4K input signals), for added flexibility for some PC and Gaming content as well as future sources.

Another added connection bonus is DisplayPort 1.2a. This is a connection option that is becoming increasingly available on PC, MACs, and professional 4K cameras. This allows TC-L65WT600 to possibly be used in a 4K graphics display or video editing environment.

The Panasonic TC-L65WT600 is expected to be available in October of 2013 with a listed price of $5,999.99.
Official TC-L65WT600 Product Page - Buy Direct

Also available from Panasonic as of April 2014:
58-inch TC-58AX800U - Buy Direct
65-inch TC-65AX800U - Buy Direct

Sharp AQUOS LC-70UD1U THX-Certified 4K UltraHD TV

Sharp AQUOS LC-70UD1U 70-inch 4K UltraHD TV
Image provided by Sharp Eletronics

The Sharp AQUOS LC-70UD1U is one 4K UltraHD TV that is definitely worth checking out. The LC-70UD1U features a large 70-inch screen size complemented by an edge-to-edge thin bezel design.

This set THX Certified for 4K performance and features LED lighting technology, four 4K-compatible HDMI inputs, incorporates 4K upscaling for all sources, provides 3D viewing (using active shutter Bluetooth-enabled glasses - 2 pairs included), and has the same Smart TV internet and network connectivity (including the ability to make Skype video calls) and access that is commonly available on most of Sharp's TV line.

For audio, the LC-70UD1U also provides a built-in dual-subwoofer 35-watt sound system.

The Sharp AQUOS LC-70UD1U has a suggested price of $7,499.99.
Compare Prices - Official Product Page.

Toshiba L9300U Series 4K UltaHD TVs

Toshiba 58L9300U 58-inch 4K Ultra HD TV
Image provided by Toshiba America

The L9300U Series 4K Ultra HD TVs come in 58, 65, and 84-inch screen sizes. All of the sets incorporate Toshiba's own CEVO 4K Quad-Dual Core Processor for accurate processing of both native and upscaled 4K content sources that includes a 240Hz screen refresh rate, built-in edge enhancement, and UltraClear Dynamic Noise Reduction.

In addition to their 4K Ultra HD display capabilities, these sets also feature Toshiba's Cloud TV platform that provides easy access, control, and organization of network and internet-based content.

For connectivity, the L9300U series provides HDMI, built-in Wifi, Miracast, and WiDi wireless connection options for easy content access from both network/internet sources and compatible portable devices and PCs.

Read the Official Toshiba Announcement for more details on the L9300U series 4K Ultra HD TVs.

The suggested price for the 84L9300U is $16,999 - Compare Prices
The suggested price for the 65L9300U is $7,999 - Compare Prices
The suggested price for the 58L9300U is $4,999 - Compare Prices

Seiki SE50UY04 50-inch 4K Ultra HD TV

What can possibly follow the $40,000 Samsung UN85S9? How about taking 4K UltraHD TV in the totally opposite direction with a stripped-down model priced at less than $1,500? OK, so it is isn't a Samsung, LG, or Sony, but Seiki has been making TVs for awhile.

Where you save the money is, of course, is that Seiki is a third-tier brand, and the TV does not provide any real extra features - the black levels are not that impressive, there is no 3D, no internet streaming, and the stand is not as sturdy as it could be, but it does display a native 4K resolution image from 4K sources and can upscale 1080p to 4K.

Let's face it, if you have a little spare cash and want to be the first on your block to own a 4K UltraHD TV, the Seiki SE50UY04 is one way to do it. For more details on whether this TV is right for you, read my more extensive report.
Official Product Page - Compare Prices.

Also Available in a larger 55-inch screen size. Compare Prices for the SE55UY04.

Hisense 55T880UW LED/LCD Smart 4K Ultra HDTV

Hisense joins in on the 4K UltraHD bandwagon with its first U.S. entry, the 55-inch 55T880UW. The set features an LED/LCD panel, 3840 x 2160 native pixel display resolution, 120Hz screen refresh rate and Dual Core Processor.

Provided connections include four HDMI inputs (one of which will accept a 30Hz 4K input signal), a PC monitor input, three USB ports for playback of media files stored on USB flash drives (or other compatible devices), and built-in Wifi for accessing a host of internet streaming content from sources such as Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, and Vimeo, as well as networked-based content from DLNA compatible devices. The set even includes an analog audio output that doubles as a headphone connection for private listening.

However, the 55T880UW does not offer 3D display capability (although one of the major benefits of 4K is the ability to display a much more detailed 3D image). On the other hand, it's suggested price is only $1,999.99, which adds to the growing number of 4K Ultra HD TVs that are coming in at lower price points.

Note: This set may also carry an alternate 55H8E model number.
Official Product Page - Check Price.

TCL LE50UHDE56921 50-inch 4K ULtra HD TV

TCL LE50UHDE56921 4K Ultra HD TV
Image provided by TCL

TCL, the third largest TV maker in the world, and supplier of LCD panels to several brand names, has introduced a $999 50-inch 4K Ultra HD TV, with an attractive slim-bezel design, which as been officially designated as the LE50UHDE56921.

The LE50UHDE56921 does not include 3D or Smart TV features, but it does include some important core features, such as LED-edge lighting, 120Hz screen refresh rate, a wide contrast ratio, and four HDMI inputs (including one that is MHL-enabled).
Official Product Page - Compare Prices

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