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Best Home Theater Seating

Options for Comfortable and Flexible Home Theater Seating


Best Home Theater Seating - A lot of attention is placed on the basic equipment needed to experience home theater, but there are many add-ons that can enhance your home theater enjoyment. On add-on that is many times overlooked, is comfortable seating. Check out my list of suggested home theater seating manufacturers and seating options that will make your home theater viewing and listening experience more pleasurable.


Fortress makes really comfortable home theater seats, loungers, and sectionals. However, my favorite thing about Fortress Seating is that they can be integrated easily into a Crestron remote control system as well as both the Crowson and D-Box motion simulation systems. If you are looking for home theater seating that is more than just a seat, check out what Fortress has to offer.
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Bello is well-known for its home theater furniture and flat panel TV wall mounts, but they also have a great line of home theater seats. In addition to double arm single home theater seats, they also offer modular seats that have either a left, right, or no arm that can enable you to create rows of comfortable seating that fits within the dimensions of your viewing room.
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Best Buy TheaterStoreLine

Best Buy isn't the first name you think of when considering furniture, but they offer and extensive line of home theater seating products worth noting. Their TheaterSeatStore line of home theater seating feature comfortable leather chairs and recliners that come in a variety of conifigurations, including single seats or rows of two, three, or four combined seats arranged in straight or curved line arrangement. Some options also include recliners, chaise-style foot rests, and metal cup holders (some even offer LED-lit cup holders), as well as extra lumbar support. If you are looking for comfortable and practical home theater seating, check out the TheaterSeatStore line from Best Buy as a possible choice.
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Berkline offers a lot of flexibility in style and fabrics, and also offers lots of built-in options, such as cupholders, trays, and hidden storage compartments. In addition, you can add a little more by incorporating a Buttkicker - you definitely won't fall asleep watching your favorite movie with this add-on. Also, for ease of installation and moving, all Berkline seats have removable backs.
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Premiere Home Theater Surroundings - Home Theater Lounger

Don't settle for that dusty old couch or recliner to view your home theater presentations, step up to first class movie viewing with a specially designed home theater lounge chair. Check out some great, comfortable, home theater seating options from Premiere Home Theater Surroundings.
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Elite Home Theater Seating

If you are looking for luxury home theater seating, check out the offerings from Elite Home Theater Seating. Consumers have the option buying a pre-designed chair, but you can also design you own custom seating via Elite's Build Your Chair page - choose from 12 styles, 6 back rest types, material (leather/Suede) and color, cushion (soft, medium, firm), and layout (single chair or a variety of chair groups) . In addition, Elite Home Theater Seating also offers the inclusion of Crowson Technologies Tactile Effects System products, as well as additional accessories, if desired.


CinemaTech offers a wide variety of home theater seating options, from plush single seating cup holders, to single seat recliners, to reclining couches, and a variety of home theater/media room secctionals.
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Jaymar Home Theater Seating

Jaymar goes back to the basics - comfortable seating without all the frills - if that is all you want. However, if you want to add extra features to your seating, you can request a variety of options, including cup holders, chrome or wooden legs, leather or other fabric, and an extensive choice of colors. You also have the choice of single seats or a series of seats in a either a straight or curved row.
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Home Theater Furniture - Equipment Racks - TV Stands

You need more than a comfortable couch or chair for your home theater room - you also need to find a place to store all those gadgets. Check out my suggestions for Home Theater Furniture - Equipment Racks - TV Stands.
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