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Best LCD TVs and LED/LCD TVs 40-Inches and Larger


Flat panel televisions are now the norm on store shelves and in consumers' homes. Although both LCD and Plasma TVs are available, LCD TV are actually the most popular selling TVs. For a list of some of my LCD TV favorites in the 40-Inch and larger screen size, check out the following selections. Also, be sure to check out my suggestions for LCD flat panel televisions in the 32 to 39-Inch, 26 to 29-inch, and 24-Inch and Smaller screen sizes.

Also, if 3D is an important option for you, even though there are some 3D TVs on this listing, I have additional 3D TV suggestions in my 3D LCD and Plasma TV list.

NOTE: The product entries for LCD and LED/LCD TVs are updated periodically with new units and reviews to keep them current.

1. Sharp Aquos LC-90LE657U 90-inch LED/LCD TV

If you are looking for a REALLY BIG TV, check out the 90-inch Sharp Aquos LC-90LE657U.

In addition to its large size, this set provides some great features, including full array LED backlighting, 1080p native resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate (with 240 Hz backlight scanning), and very good contrast ratio. 2D and 3D viewing is also provided (two pairs of glasses are included).

Also, the LC-90LE657U, via its built-in (ethernet or wifi) provides access to internet streaming content, a full web browser, and even direct online tech support. Skype video phone calls (camera required) can also be made using this TV..

The LC-90LE657U provides four HDMI inputs (inlcuding one MHL-enabled and one Audio Return Channel-enabled, USB ports for access to compatible media files stored on compatible USB divices, such as Flash Drives, or a compatible USB windows keyboard to make internet browsing easier. Wireless Bluetooth is also provided for wireless connection of the 3D glasses, or connecting a compatible keyboard or mouse.

If you are looking for the biggest TV screen possible, check out the Sharp LC-90LE657U.
Official Product Page - Compare Prices

2. Sharp LC-80LE857U 80-inch Quattron LED/LCD TV

If you are looking for a big screen LCD TV, you have to check out the Sharp LC-80LE857U. This sets boasts an 80-inch screen size that has double the surface area of a 55-inch TV.

Besides having a huge screen, the LC-80LE857U packs in a lot of features including: 2d and 3D (active shutter) viewing capability supported by 1080p native resolution, 240Hz screen refresh rate, LED Edge lightings and Quattron four color technology.

The LC-80LE857U also features network connectivity via Ethernet or WiFi connection. This provides access to internet content from providers, such as CinemaNow, Netflix, and Vudu. The LC-80LE857U can also access media content stored on flash drives (accessible by USB port) or your PC via DLNA functionality.
Official Product Page - Compare Prices

Also available in two smaller (but still large) screen sizes - the 70-inch LC-70LE857U (Official Product Page - Compare Prices), and the 60-inch LC-60LE857U (Official Product Page - Compare Prices).

3. Samsung UN46F8000 46-inch 3D Network LED/LCD TV

Samsung UN46F8000 LED/LCD Smart TV - Photo - Front View - Wide Fountain Image
Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

The Samsung UN46F8000 has just about everything you could want in a TV. First up, it features both 2D and 3D viewing (both native and 2D-to-3D conversion), supported by Samsung's Clear Motion Rate 1200 which combines a 240Hz screen refresh rate, image processing, and LED edge lighting with micro-dimming technology to produce detailed smooth motion images.

However, that isn't the whole story. The UN46F8000 is also a fully functional Smart TV which includes a full web browser, supported by Quad Core Processing (just like a PC) and built-in WiFi, that provides you with access with an abundance internet and home network-based content via Samsung's Smart Hub and Apps features. In addition, the built-in camera allows you to make Skype video phone calls. Samsung even provides a Smart Touch Remote as well as control by voice and physical gestures. This TV is definitely worth checking out.
Review - Photos - Video Performance Tests - Compare Prices

Also available in following additional screen sizes: (55-inches - Compare Prices, (60-inches - Compare Prices), (65-inches - Compare Prices), and (75-inches Compare Prices).

4. Sony BRAVIA KDL-55W900A 3D Network LCD TV

The Sony KDL-55W900A offers cutting edge features and technology that bring an exciting 2D or 3D TV viewing experience to your home. Core features of the KDL-55W900A include: 55-inch class screen (actually 54.6-inches), 3D capability (active shutter system), 1920x1080 (1080p) resolution, and an almost unlimited contrast ratio bolstered by LED Dynamic Edge Lighting. To further improve display performance this set also incorporates Triluminos Quantum Dot technology, and X-reality Pro video upscaling and processing engine.

This set also includes HDMI inputs, 240Hz screen refresh rate combined additional processing (Motion Flow XR960), ATSC/QAM tuners, which allow reception of over-the-air HDTV signals and Digital/HD-cable (non-premium channels), and USB port for playing audio/video/still images from digital devices or flash drives.

Another bonus is the inclusion of WiFi connectivity with internet streaming from content sources, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Panodra. This set displays exceptional detail, color consistency, and contrast. The KDL-55W900A is also video Skype-enabled with the addition of an optional compatible webcam. Check out the Sony Bravia KDL-55W900A.
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5. Sony KDL-47W802A 3D/Network LED/LCD TV

The Sony KDL-47W802A is a 47-inch 16x9 LCD television that incorporates LED Edge Lighting and a native pixel resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p). This set includes some of the latest technology, such as both 2D and 3D viewing (4 pairs of 3D glasses included), four HDMI 1.4a inputs, 240Hz screen refresh rate, supplemented by 480Hz processing, and both ATSC and QAM tuners. The ATSC tuner allows reception of the over-the-air HDTV signals and the QAM tuner allows Digital/HD-cable (non-premium channels) reception.

In addition, the KDL-47W802A also has built-in WiFi capability and internet widgets that provide access to internet-based content, such as Netflix, YouTube, and more. However, getting down to the basics, the KDL-47W802A delivers excellent detail, color consistency, and contrast, and LED Edge Lighting is very energy efficient.
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Also available in a larger 55-inch screen size (KDL-55W802A - compare prices).

6. LG 55LA8600 3D Smart LED/LCD TV

The 55LA8600 is LG's top-of-line 1080p LCD TV. Its core features include a 55-inch LCD screen supported by LED Plus Edge Light system with local dimming, and 240Hz screen refresh rate (TruMotion).

In addition to its display capabilities, the 55LA8600 provides access to internet and network-based content via LG's Smart TV platform via Ethernet or Wifi.

The LG 55LA8600 also includes both 2D and 3D viewing options, with 2D-to-3D and 3D-to-2D conversion. 4 pairs of passive glasses are included. Two-screen viewing is available with additional specialized glasses (great for two player game play), as well as the ability to make Skype video phone calls with the built-in webcam. Also, integration of portable devices is provided via MHL, NFC, Widi, and Miracast connectivity.
Official Product Page - Compare Prices

Also available in a larger 60-inch screen size: Compare Prices for the LG LA60LA8600 (larger screen sizes provide a more immersive 3D viewing experience).

7. Panasonic TC-L42E60 Smart Viera LED/LCD TV

Panasonic TC-L42E60 Smart Viera LED/LCD TV - Photo - Front View
Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

The TC-L42E60 is one of the growing number of LCD TVs coming from Pansonic. This set features 42-inch LED-edge LCD screen and a stylish edge-to-edge screen design.

There are three HDMI inputs, a shared component/composite video input, as well as a built-in NTSC/ATSC tuner for receiving over-the-air SD and HDTV TV. There are also two USB ports provided for accessing compatible media files stored on flash drives, or for plugging a USB keyboard for web browsing, or a compatible webcam for making Skype video calls.

Also, you have the option of using either A wired Ethernet connection or convenient WiFi, to access Netflix and other internet streaming services, as well as content stored on your PC or compatible media server.

There are also some additional features that you may be familiar with: Swipe and Share (which allows you to wirelessly view content from a compatible portable device on your TV), and as well as Voice Guidance (which provides a female voice to guide your through the TV's basic features).

Of course, the core function of a TV is to provide viewers with great picture quality, and the TC-L42E60 does a pretty good job there as well with fairly even black levels and good color and detail. Review - Photo Profile - Video Performance Tests - Official Product Page

8. Vizio E601I-A3 60-inch Smart TV

If you are looking for a TV in the 60-to-65 inch screen size, but are finding you just don't quite have enough cash - then you haven't seen the Vizio E601I-A3 LED/LCD TV. With a suggested price of $999, this one may be hard to pass up.

The E601I-A3 incorporates 1080p native display resolution, which is supported by 120Hz motion processing and LED edge-lighting.

Connections provided on the E601I-A3 include 4 HDMI inputs, a shared composite/component video input, VGA PC-Monitor input, and two USB ports (for accessing content stored on flash drives).

In addition, this set includes Vizio's Smart TV platform which provides easy access to lots of movie, TV, and music content from internet streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, M-GO, Pandora, and more that you can add via the Yahoo! Connected TV Store.

The remote control even features a keypad on one side and QWERTY keyboard on the other, making it perfect for navigating the Smart TV features.

On the other hand, you won't get the deep black levels might find on most higher-end sets, but for the price, the picture looks great - this set is definitely worth consideration.
Compare Prices.

9. Toshiba 50L7300U LED/LCD Cloud TV

The 50L7300U is part of Toshiba's new Cloud TV series, which I had a chance to preview at the 2013 CES. To start, the 50L7300U features a 50-inch LED backlit screen, 1080p native display resolution, and 240Hz motion processing.

For connectivity, this set has four HDMI inputs, a PC monitor input, 2 USB ports for access to audio, still image, and video content stored on flash drives, as well as providing a way to connect an optional compatible webcam to make Skype video phone calls, and, of course, there is also a built-in ATSC tuner for access of over-the-air HDTV signals.

An ethernet port and built-in Wifi are both included for convenient access to Cloud TV functions, such as streaming content from the internet, such as Netflix as well as accessing and organizing content stored or accessible from other DLNA compatible devices on your home network. The 50L7300U WiDi, which allows wireless streaming from compatible WiDi-equipped Laptops or Ultrabooks.

The 50L7300U also has a game mode that shortens the response time between a connected game controller and video game images.
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Also available two additional sizes, 58-inches (58L7300U - Compare Prices), and 65-inches (65L7300U - Compare Prices).

10. SunBrite SB-4660HD 46-inch Outdoor LCD TV

The SunBrite SB-4660HD is a specially designed 46-inch LCD TV that is optmized for outdoor use. The SB-4660HD incorporates a fortified anti-glare screen, sealed wiring compartment, and both a built-in cooling and heating system, enabling it to handle temperatures from minus 24 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This set is also designed to resist rain, dust, insects, and salt air.

The SB-4660HD has a 1080p display resolution, supported by a 60Hz refresh rate, and 4,000:1 contrast ratio. Inputs include two HDMI, Composite, S-Video, and PC monitor inputs. In addition a built-in ATSC/QAM tuner is provided for reception of over-the-air digital and HD broadcasts signals, as well as unscrambled HD cable signals.
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