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Powered Subwoofers

Add Big Bass To Your Home Theater Listening Experience


The subwoofer has emerged as a critical component of the home theater system. Today's DVDs and Blu-ray Discs contain low frequency information that add more impact to those explosions and other special effects, as well as revealing those lower musical tones. For the best results, you need a subwoofer. If you are considering adding a little punch to your system, consider my moderately-priced powered subwoofer picks.

Paradigm DSP-3400 14-inch Powered Subwoofer

Paradigm DSP-3400 14-inch Powered Subwoofer - Front View - Grill Off
Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com
The Paradigm DSP-3400 Powered Subwoofer delivers powerful, clear, tight, and undistorted deep bass response from the combination of its large front facing 14-inch driver, dual front ports, and 300 watts of continuous power supplied by its built-in amplifier. In addition, the DSP-3400 offers an array of controls that allow the user to tweak the performance parameters to specific room environments and listening tastes.
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Martin Logan Dynamo 700w

Photo of Martin Logan Dynamo 700w wireless subwoofer with included accessories.
Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

The Martin Logan Dynamo 700w is a compact 10-inch subwoofer that not only provides strong power output (300 watts RMS - 600 watts Peak) and great low frequency performance from a small package, but also provdes some innovative installation options. With its removable feet, the Dynamo 700w can be repositioned as either a down-firing or front-firing subwoofer. In addition, this sub features both wired and wireless connectivity options with a home theater receiver or compatible sound bar.
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Also available, the Martin Logan Dynamo 1000w, which incorporates a 12-inch driver and a 500 watt RMS/1,000 watt peak power output amplifier - Compare Prices

Definitive Technology Powered Subwoofers

Definitive Technology well known for their loudspeaker line, but they also make great subwoofers well-suited for both music and home theater applications. Check out a great list of choices from their impressive line-up that also includes some very compact models, as well as tower speakers with powered subwoofers built-in.
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Velodyne Powered Subwoofers

Velodyne is well-known for their fine line of subwoofers. Check out a selection of great subs for both small and large sized-rooms.
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Velodyne Wi-Q10 Wireless Powered Subwoofer

Velodyne Wi-Q10 Wireless Subwoofer Package
Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

The Velodyne Wi-Q10 is a powered subwoofer that features a 10-inch front driver, bottom port for extra bass extension, and a 195 watt (390 watts peak) amplifier. The Wi-Q10 also provides both wired or wireless options for connection with to home theater receiver (wireless transmitter module included). Also, to make installation easier and integration with the resto of your system more precise, the Wi-Q10 incorporates an automatic Auto-EQ setup with a built-in test tone generator (microphone also included). For continued operation, a credit-card size remote control is also provided.

If you are looking for new subwoofer for your your home theater system, check out the Velodyne Wi-Q10 as a possible choice.
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Klipsch Powered Subwoofers

If you are looking for a great subwoofer to round out your home theater system without breaking the bank, check out Klipsch powered subwoofers, including their innovative triangular powered subs that are perfect for corner installation, as well as their digital powered subwoofer line that can be customized for various types of musical or movie response requirements.
Official Klipsch Subwoofer Page

SVS Powered Subwoofers

SVS SB-1000 Subwoofer - Front View - Grill On
Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

One of leading independent subwoofer makers, SVS has a consistent quality product across the board. No matter which unit you choose from their lineup, whether box-type or cylindrical, you will experience deep, tight, bass deserving of any home theater system.

For an example, check out my SVS SB-1000 Front Firing 12-inch Ultra Compact Powered Subwoofer Review - Official SVS Subwoofer Page

HSU Research Powered Subwoofers

A great subwoofer doesn't have to cost a fortune. Dr Poh Ser Hsu designs and makes world class subwoofers for home theater and audio applications at affordable prices. Be sure to check out the VTF or STF Series. Selecting a "best" from this group is impossible -- they are all great values.
Official HSU Research Subwoofer Page

Axiom EP400 Epicenter 8-Inch Front Firing Powered Subwoofer

The AXIOM EP400 Epicenter is a powerful subwoofer despite is small size. This 8-Inch Subwoofer delivers power, clarity, tightness, and undistorted deep bass response for both movies and music. This subwoofer also offers several controls that allow the user to tweak performance parameters to specific room environments and listening tastes. My impression of the EP400 is extremely postive, making this subwoofer a real winner, especially for those looking for a high-performance subwoofer in a smaller room.
Review - Photo Gallery - Official Product Page

PSB Powered Subwoofers

Designed to provide both seamless acoustic integration with a variety of speaker setups for both music and home theater applications, PSB subwoofers are solid performers worthy of consideration. Check out both their single and dual driver units.
Official PSB Subwoofer Page
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