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VideoCD - VCD - SVCD - Basics and Products

DVD isn't the only video disk format currently in popular use. Although primarily an Asian consumer electronics phenomenon, VideoCDs are also popular amongst some consumers in the U.S. Find out more about VideoCD and related products.

VCD -- DVD Wannabee? - An Overview Of Video CD
Check out everything you need to know about Video CDs.

What is the Difference Between a DVD and Video CD? - About.com DVRs
Sal Prince, About.com's Guide for DVRs, offers a concise overview of the difference between DVDs and Video CDs.

VCD Overview
What is a VCD and how do you play them? Video Help has the answers for you.

VCD Gallery
DVD and Laserdisc aren't the only disc-based video systems, check out the VideoCD format. Includes a wide selection of movies and other programs available on VCD, as well as info on VCD Players.

Thai CD Express
If you are a fan of Asian Cinema, check out movies from Thailand on the VCD format.

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