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Onkyo TX-SR705 Home Theater Receiver - User Submitted Review - Part Two

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By DAve

Home Theater Receiver

Home Theater Receiver Brand and Model Number: 

Onkyo Model 705

Date of Purchase and Purchase Price: 

May 22, 2008 $650

My Review 

This is an addendum to my previous review of the Onkyo TX-SR705 and I agree with Robert when he states that is not his experience or that of others.

It is highly likely the issue is, contrary to manual and Crutchfield who likely rely on the factory, the setting on the 705 for speaker ohms, either 4ohm or for speakers over 6ohm. I was advised by Crutchfield specifically that using a 4ohm speaker pair on one channel (center) and 8ohm on the rear channel, to set the Onkyo 705 to 4ohm. Had outstanding sound for over a year.

Rear speakers went out a day apart as stated in the previous review. Then the 4ohm speaker left started to go out... after a hard reset of the 705 per factory advice, the left center speaker comes back. FOR ONLY 5 minutes or less. Another hard reset, left comes back, lasting only a few minutes. AFTER four MONTHS of going back and forth with Onkyo, they admitted maybe a problem and take to their service center. Service center claims on bench the unit tests out fine. If anyone out there knows of a way speakers can come and go after amplifier resets, I would like to know.

The system was very carefully wired, new Monster brand cable in one continuous length from receiver to speaker. Everything was set up correctly , and worked for a year. Would never have used the 4ohm speakers if there was a chance of causing damage to Onkyo unit and certainly not the B&O speakers which I cannot afford to replace. No lie that you cannot buy a replacement from B&O today for less than $5,000.

It is likely from information Robert has kindly sent that the Onkyo has pushed more power than spec into the 8ohm speakers resulting in permanent damage. Should be able to use the 4ohm speakers on 4ohm setting IF the Onkyo 705 was functioning correctly.

What did you like about your home theater receiver? 

Because of the above, I have been doubly damaged by Onkyo and Crutchfield,, losing both some very expensive speakers and I have a unit I cannot trust with speakers of any price range.

What didn't you like about your home theater receiver? 

Factory service remarks stand as written. Will never buy from Onkyo and that extends to Crutchfield unless one of those parties does something more than they have to date to make the problem right with their customer (me)

Final comments? (Optional) 

When buying , consider all sources, make best decision you can. At least I tried to warn folks who may be a little careful when buying.

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Robert Silva, About.com Home Theater, says:

Go to Dave's original Onkyo TX-SR705 user review for additional info, including my own comments.
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