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Onkyo TX-SR705 Home Theater Receiver - User Submitted Review

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By davzway

Home Theater Receiver

Home Theater Receiver Brand and Model Number: 

Onkyo Model 705

Date of Purchase and Purchase Price: 

May 22, 2008 $650

My Review 

The Onkyo was purchased at recommendation from Crutchfield, who normally are reliable in these matters. When working the unit does have all the connections, ability to play / control in two rooms, power with 110watts into 7 channels, THX certified, etc.

At Crutchfields' recommendation during setup and in line with Onkyo instruction manual, set speakers on 4ohm, since there was pair of B&O bookshelf (25yr old+ and very expensive when purchased, still excellent sound which cannot be replaced at B&O without going over $2000 for the pair). 4ohm speakers as center channel, and very expensive B&O wall speakers which cannot be replaced today for $4000. Note expense of B&O speakers, particularly the wall speakers which give concert hall performance in 18'x20' room by themselves and used today as the rear speakers.

B&O stereo unit drives pair of Penta tower speakers (last retail price $7000) which have their own 300watt amps in each speaker.. B&O puts out only 60 watts which won't drive four extra speakers, the reason for buying the ONKYO audio visual unit, to provide a complete home theater.

Great until the Onkyo 705 first went out on left rear and the next day the right rear.. Apparently blowing out the B&O rear speakers. The center speakers left channel cuts out. after doing hard reset, the left center channel speaker is back FOR ABOUT 2-5 MINUTES, Then it cuts back out.

Onkyo was in repair center for Onkyo last December and it appears the bench time authorized is little. Claim is the receiver is fine, must be old speakers. Never known a speaker to cut out, then come back after reset on amplifier, only to go out again.. IF YOU BELIEVE ONKYO.

What did you like about your home theater receiver? 

seven channels, number of inputs and ability to control a second room

What didn't you like about your home theater receiver? 

POOR quality, customer service with Onkyo is an 'F' minus,,

Seven months later, I have yet to pick the defective Onkyo 705. Either the unit has burned out some very expensive speakers which is what appears to have happened. Or the factory won't authorize time to fix and unit is defective,

Final comments? (Optional) 

Would not touch Onkyo products, any company can have a bad product.. what makes the difference is how a company handles the problem. When tech service and customer service is an uphill battle, along with poor quality on a product, Consumer will always be the LOSER.

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Robert Silva, About.com Home Theater, says:

This user's review and opinion of the Onkyo TX-SR705 is contrary to my findings and findings of many users and reviewers. I use the Onkyo TX-SR705 as a centerpiece of my home theater review system and have not encountered the problems expressed in this review. However, I must acknowledge that I have not used the TX-SR705 with speakers rated for 4 ohm operation.

The issues encountered by the user could have been caused by the way the 705 was integrated into the user's system, impedance variations of the speakers used, and/or power handling issues between the TX- SR705 and the speakers used. However, it is certainly a possibility that the specific TX-SR705 unit used may have indeed been defective and that issue may not have been resolved properly by Onkyo in this case.

According to the user, he did follow the advice from both the dealer and TX-SR705 user manual in setting the Onkyo TX-SR705 up. For more details on my experience read my own review of the TX-SR705.

Any additional comments regarding user experiences with the Onkyo TX-SR705 are certainly welcome and encouraged. Refer to Dave's follow-up.

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