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The 5oth Anniversary of Plasma TV Technology


Did you know that July 2014 marks the 50th Anniversary of Plasma TV Technology? Check out the interesting story behind the development of what we know today as the Plasma TV - which is now fading from the scene as Panasonic has ended its Plasma TV line and Samsung will by the end of 2014.

More About Plasma TV
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Aereo Considers Morphing Into Cable Service

After its defeat in the U.S. Supreme Court, Aereo wants into the Cable Club - but, that is easier said than done - read more...

Channel Master DVR+ Antenna DVR With 1TB Hard Drive - Product of the Week

Looking for a DVR that doesn't require a cable or satellite service? - Check out the Channel Master DVR+ Antenna DVR with buit-in 1TB Hard Drive.

Velodyne Wi-Q10 10-inch Wireless Powered Subwoofer - Review

The Velodyne Wi-Q10 is a wireless subwoofer that features a 10-inch front firing driver, complemented by a 195 watt amplifier, and rear port for extra bass extension. The wireless connection option provides a lot placement flexibility. To find out if the Wi-Q10 is the right subwoofer for you, read my review.

Velodyne Wi-Q10 Wireless Subwoofer - Photo Profile

The Wi-Q10 is a subwoofer from Velodyne that offers both wired and wireless connection options to a home theater receiver. As a supplement to my review, check out an additional close-up photo look of the Velodyne Wi-Q10.

Dolby Pro Logic IIz

Dolby Pro Logic IIz processing is an enhancement that extends surround sound vertically. Read more...

All About Internet Speed Requirements for Hulu, Netflix, and Vudu Movie Viewing

If you want to stream videos to your network media player from Netflix and Vudu, you want a high speed internet connection. Learn how fast of an internet connection you need to stream the different video qualities on Netflix and Vudu.

Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker Systems

Choosing loudspeakers for a home theater system is not easy. There are several things to take into consideration: brand, price, and style. However, the overriding factor is how they sound in your listening environment. To make it harder there a hundreds of brands, models, and configurations to choose from. To narrow it down, check out my suggestions for home theater speaker packages.

What is Media File Compression?

What is media file compression? Learn what file compression is, why it is needed and how it affects sound and picture quality of video, music, and photos.

4K Ultra HD TV Standards - What You Need To Know Before You Buy

In order to alleviate manufacturer, retailer, and consumer confusion about what a 4K Ultra HD TV actually is, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has implemented a set of voluntary standards. Check out the details.

Samsung PN64F8500 64-inch 3D Network Plasma TV - Product of the Week

Although Samsung has recently announced that it will end Plasma TV production by the end of 2014, that doesn't mean that buying a Samsung Plasma TV is not a good idea - consider the 64-inch PN64F8500.

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