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LG Reveals Pricing and Coming Availability for 55-Inch OLED TV

By March 28, 2012

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When LG unveiled is 55-inch OLED TV at CES 2012, it became a star of the annual trade show with its brilliant picture and ultra-thin design. However, OLED technology is very expensive and there was talk that once the set was released to the market that it could command a price anywhere from $5,000 to as high as $10,000, and may not be available until later in the Fall of 2012, if then.

Well, a couple of months have passed and LG is now ready to bring the set to market ahead of schedule, starting in Europe with promotion during the upcoming Cannes Film Festival in May. Although LG hasn't officially announced anything on its U.S. website, the most direct source I have found, Korea-based MK News, is reporting that the new LG 55EM9600 55-inch OLED TV will carry a $7,928.91 price tag (when calculated in U.S. dollars).

Although not as high as some of the $10,000 predictions, this is still an expensive proposition, especially in today's bargain-priced TV market. It will be interesting to see if Samsung responds competitively with an earlier-than-planned release of its own 55-inch OLED TV, the KN55ES9000.

I was really impressed with both the LG and Samsung OLED TVs that were on display at CES 2012 - If I had the money, I would consider one of these sets for purchase. However, with the abundance of good performing LCD and Plasma TVs that are priced well below LG's OLED asking price, and only the very high-end Sharp Elite LED/LED TVs, carrying an equivalent price, but with larger 60 and 70-inch screen sizes, Sharp and Samsung may have a very difficult climb into the current TV marketplace with OLED. Photo (c) LG Display

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April 9, 2012 at 12:25 am
(1) Anna Ayres says:

When I first heard about the OLED TV, I thought it was just a sham cuz it looked too good to be true.. And this TV deserves the price I don’t care what other people say. They’ve enhanced our entertainment experience to the fullest and it’s appropriate that we show our own effort and gratitude to cop it.

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