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HDTV FAQs: How Can My Analog TV Work Now That The DTV Transition Is In Effect?


Updated June 21, 2014
Many consumers are under the impression that now that DTV Transition has taken place, that all current analog TVs are obsolete and can't be used.

Although analog TVs cannot display HDTV or DTV signals on their own, if you receive your television programming via antenna, external DTV converter boxes are available now that enable older TVs to still be used. The DTV converter box simply converts in incoming DTV/HDTV signal to an Analog TV signal that can be hooked up to any TV. Of course, you won't get any of the increased resolution of DTV or HDTV and all widescreen programming will show up as letterboxed on your analog set. However, the DTV converter box does extend the usefulness of an older, but still perfectly functioning TV.

With prices of the digital and HDTVs coming down to affordable prices and sales of digital and HDTVs continuing on a steady pace, analog TVs currently in U.S. households are on the way to be replaced. When the last analog TVs are disposed (hopefully recycled) the analog-or-digital issue will be put to rest.

NOTE: The DTV Transition only affects analog Televisions, VCRs, and DVD recorders that receive programming via an over-the-air antenna. If you subscribe to cable or satellite TV service, you may not be affected. Contact your local cable service or satellite provider if you have questions.

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