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Will a Plasma TV Work With My Old VCR?


Samsung 80-Inch Plasma TV

Samsung 80-Inch Plasma TV

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Philips Flat TV

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Sony Plasma Television

Robert Silva

Question: Will a Plasma TV Work With My Old VCR?

Answer: All plasma TVs made for consumer use will work with any existing video component with standard AV, S-Video, component video, or HDMI outputs. The only cautionary note about using it with a VCR is that since VHS is of such low resolution and has poor color consistency, it may not look as good on a large Plasma screen as it does on a smaller 27-inch TV.

To get the most out of your Plasma television, consider using a Blu-ray Disc Player, HD-DVD player, or Upscaling DVD player as at least one of your input sources.

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