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JVC JX-S777 Audio/Video Switcher - Short Review

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JVC JX-S777 AV Switcher

JVC JX-S777 AV Switcher

Robert Silva

The Bottom Line

Organization, simplicity, flexibility, and performance. These four words sum up my opinion of the JVC JX-S777 Audio/Video Switcher. Whether you are an avid home theater enthusiast that is running out of inputs on your AV receiver, or a video editor that is tired of constantly connecting an reconnecting VCRs, DVD recorders, Camcorders, etc... to your editing system every time you need to input, dub, or output a project, the JX-S777 may be just the solution that may make your life a lot easier.
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  • An abundance of audio and video inputs and outputs, including firewire and digital audio..
  • Composite to S-Video conversion and vice-versa makes mixing of components easier.
  • Extensive cross-dubbing functions eliminate need for constant reconnecting of cables.
  • Functions well as both a home theater AV switcher or a Video Editing "patch bay".
  • Easy to use, well illustrated, step-by-step owner's manual.


  • Although this unit has two monitor outputs, a third will add more flexibility for video editing use.
  • No DVI or HDMI inputs or outputs present.
  • No composite or S-Video to component conversion.
  • No digital to analog or analog to digital video conversion.
  • Remote control is cheap looking and has a cheap feel to it.


  • Comprehensive Audio/Video switcher and signal router. Both Front panel or remote control operation.
  • Eight A/V inputs and Five A/V outputs (can be either composite or S-Video).
  • Two component video inputs paired with digital audio inputs.
  • One component video output paired with digital audio output.
  • Three i-Link (Firewire/IEEE-1394) digital video input/output connectors.
  • Composite to S-Video conversion or S-Video to composite video conversion.
  • Dub from one VCR or DVD recorder to multiple VCRs or DVD recorders (non-copyprotected content only).
  • Simultaneous dubbing allows dubbing two different programs at the same time (dual-line operation).
  • Parallel dubbing feature allows another video program to be viewed during dubbing functions.
  • Front panel AV inputs (including firewire) as well as an A/V processor loop connection.

Guide Review - JVC JX-S777 Audio/Video Switcher - Short Review

The JVC JX-S777 Audio/Video selector is one accessory that may end up being the central part of your home theater or video editing system. Featuring extensive analog and digital audio and video input/output connections as well as flexible audio and video dubbing capabilities, the S777 easily fills the role of expanding you input options for your home theater or input and dubbing options for video editors.

On the input/output side, the S777 facilitates composite/S-video conversion. This means that you can connect your standard VHS VCR and you new DVD recorder to this unit and use either composite or S-video output to your TV. Also, the onboard video processing, there is no visual indication of signal degradation on either side of the composite/s-video conversion process.

On the video editing site, any analog audio/video input can automatically output to any (or all) other analog audio/video outputs. This means that you can dub from your video editing device to up to 4 VCRs or DVD Recorders simultaneously. You can also split this function in such a way as to dub between two devices (such as a DVD recorder and a VCR), while you are monitoring another source.

However, there are some features that need improving or adding, especially for use in the home theater environment. One example would be to add component video conversion to the composite and S-video conversion. Another great addition would be to add DVI and HDMI connections for flexibility with HD source components.

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