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Yamaha Aventage RX-A1000 Web Browser Control Interface - Zone Control Menu


Yamaha Aventage RX-A1000 Home Theater Receiver - Web Browser Control Interface - Zone Control Menu

Yamaha Aventage RX-A1000 Home Theater Receiver - Web Browser Control Interface - Zone Control Menu

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Here is a look at the second page of the RX-A1000's Web Browser Control Interface, which is the Zone Control Menu.

Play Info: Controls the input source for each zone.

Top Menu: Returns to the Top Menu (see previous photo)

Scene Keys: Selects the Scene options.

Power: Turns Power On/Off for selected Zone - Also sets Sleep Timer, if desired.

Volume: Sets the volume level for the main zone.

Reload: Refreshes the Web Browser menu screen.

Final Note

The RX-A1000 delivers more-than-enough power for most rooms and provides exceptional sound. Practical features I really liked included: Comprehensive surround sound processing, analog-to-HDMI video conversion and upscaling, abundant HDMI connections, dedicated phono input, and 3D pass-through.

Additional features of the RX-A1000 that I liked are the inclusion of built-in networking with a PC, internet radio acess (including Rhapsody), Bluetooth capability (via optional accessory), and both speaker connections or preamp outputs (your choice) provided for 2nd zone operation.

A high quality receiver should have the ability to perform well in both stereo and surround modes. The audio quality of the RX-A1000 in both stereo and surround modes was excellent, making it great for extensive music listening and home theater use. There was no sign of amplifier or listening fatigue.

I also found the analog to HDMI video conversion and upscaling functions to be very good for a home theater receiver although some improvement would be desirable in minimizing video noise and maximizing detail enhancement. Check out some video performance test results.

The RX-A1000 packs in a lot of setup and connection options, making reading the user manual a must before using. If you are looking for a flexible home theater receiver as a complete centerpiece for your home theater system, consider the RX-A1000.

For more details on the Yamaha RX-A1000, also check out my Review and some Video Performance Test Results.

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