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Audio is an integral part of home theater. To get the most out of the audio experience, start with the basics and then check out product reviews, articles, manufacturer's site listings, and more, pertaining to audio components, such as home theater receivers, CD players, and even vacuum tube audio for use in your home theater or audio system.
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The Hobbit - A Turning Point For Cinema and Home Theater
Find out how the High Frame Rate and Dolby Atmos technologies used in the Hobbit may change your movie going and home theater experience.

Before You Buy a Home Theater Receiver - AV Receiver - Surround Sound Receiver
In part one of this two article series - Before You Buy a Home Theater Receiver, I discuss the basic audio performance and functions to look for. In Part Two, I dig deep into some of the more advanced functions to consider when buying a Home Theater Receiver.

Equalizers - The Difference Between Graphic and Parametric Equalizers
One tool that can help you setup your stereo or home theater system properly is to use an equalizer. For a great overview on equalizers, and the difference between a Graphic Equalizer and Parametric Equalizer, check out the article by <A HREF="http://stereos.about.com/od/introductiontostereos/a/equalizers.htm">Gary Altunian, About.com Guide for Stereos</A>.

Home Theater Receivers and the Multi-Zone Feature
Home Theater receivers now more that just performing audio tasks. A growing number of receivers, even inexpensive ones now connection to high definition audio and video sources, satellite and internet radio, and even to iPods. However, there is another important feature that is often overlooked, multi-zone operation.

Home Theater Surround Sound Receiver Connections
Home Theater Surround Sound Receiver Connections

Power Mad! - How Much Amp Power Do You Really Need?
You check out those ADs in the newspaper for a receiver or amplifier for your audio system and the one feature that sticks out is the Watts-Per-Channel rating. One receiver has 50 Watts-Per-Channel (WPC), another one has 75, and still another has 100. The more watts the better, right? Not Necessarily...

Surround Sound - History and Facts of Home Theater Audio
Today's surround sound experience is the result of decades of evolution. Since the early days of stereo, the race has been on to create the ultimate home listening experience for television, music, and movies. Find out more about the development of surround sound for the home environment, and what options are currently available.

What Is Surround Sound Sound and How do I Get it?
Surround Sound is important for a full home theater experience. Find out what it is and how to incorporate it into your home theater.

Dolby Labs
The official site of Dolby Labs, developer and licensor of Dolby Surround Sound technologies for both professional and home use.

DTS Online
The online home of DTS (Digital Theater Systems). Check out all the details on DTS surround sound for home, car, and movie theater, plus the latest info on DTS DVD and DTS music releases.

SRS Labs
Dolby Labs and DTS aren't the only players in town, with regards to surround sound technology. SRS has been developing and marketing surround sound technologies, such as TruSurround and Circle Surround for some time. Be sure to check out their website.

Find out all the details about THX certification and what it means for you.

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