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Home theater can be more that just watching television, playing DVDs, tapes, and listening to your CD player. With your camcorder and digital camera you can create your display your own adventures on your home theater setup. Check out the basics, then move on to product listings and other information.
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Basic Video Editing - Concepts and Tools for Basic Video Editing
Want to do video editing, but don't know where to start? Here are some useful definitions and explanations to get you started.

Buying A Camcorder - A Basic Introduction - Avoid Camcorder Shopping Mistakes
Find out how to avoid camcorder shopping mistakes.

Camcorder Formats - An Overview of Analog and Digital Camcorder Formats For...
Which Camcorder format is right for you? Here is an overview of the Camcorder formats currently for the consumer.

MiniDV vs Digtial8 - A Basic Comparison Of Two Digital Camcorder Formats
I have received a lot of questions regarding the differences between MiniDV and Digital8 Camcorders. Here are some answers.

Quick Tip - Playback and Transfer of Old 8mm and Hi8 Tapes
Find out how to play back and transfer old 8mm and Hi8 tapes.

Where Is The 8mm/VHS Adapter?
I get a lot of questions about the elusive 8mm/VHS adapter. Is there one? Find out the real answer in my article: Where is the 8mm/VHDS Adapter.

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