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Best CD Recorders and CD Recording Systems


Just about everyone has a CD Player these days, whether it be the home variety, Car, or Portable unit. However, a stand-alone CD Recorders allows the consumer to make their own custom CD's. CD recorders allow you to either make a complete copy of a CD or mix-and-match music from a variety of sources, including favorite CD's, Audio Cassettes, or even Vinyl Records. However, with the increasing popularity of CD-burning using PCs, the number of standalone CD recorders has declined over time, but they are still available if you know where to look. Check out my current suggestions.

1. TEAC CDRW890 CD-Recorder

TEAC has been a leader in audio recorders since the reel-to-reel tape days and continues this tradition in both its professional and consumer line of CD recorders. The CDRW890 is an affordable option in a high-quality CD recorder. This recorder features both analog and digital audio inputs, as well as analog output capability. With its very straightforward operation, the CDRW890 definitely deserves consideration for those copying from CD, Cassette, or vinyl record source material. You can also make live CD recordings by connecting a microphone to an audio mixer and then connecting the audio mixer to the CD recorder. For a closer look at the features and operation of the CDRW890, the User Manual is available for free download.
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2. ION LP2CD - Vinyl LP to CD Recording System

ION Audio LP2CD - USB Turntable and CD Recorder Combination - Front View with Accessories
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The LP2CD is a the latest in analog-to-digital conversion products from ION Audio. The LP2CD combines a vinyl record turntable with a CD-Burner in a single device. To make recording to CD easy, the LP2CD includes an onboard 700MB flash drive that allows you to review your recording before doing a final burn to CD. In addition, the LP2CD also has audio inputs that allow recording from external sources, such as a cassette deck, or another CD player, and also has provisions for more editing options on a PC/MAC via its built-in USB port.
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3. Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB - LP to Digital Recording System

The Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB LP-to-Digital Recording System is a package that includes an audio turntable (with cartridge) with a USB output that can connect to a PC or Laptop. Also included is all the software you need to transfer old LP Vinyl records to CD or MP3 for continued listening pleasure on a home audio system or portable digital music player. An added bonus is that the turntable has a built-in preamp that allows it to be connected to standard CD or AUX audio inputs on home theater receivers that may not have a dedicated turntable input.
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4. TEAC LP And Cassette To CD/Digital Converter

With today's popularity of CDs and MP3s, there is a definite need to be able to transfer all those old vinyl records and cassette tapes so that you can listen to them in a more convenient manner. With the TEAC LP And Cassette To CD/Digital Converter, just put on your record, put in your audio cassette and then also slide in your blank CD and you are set to go. Also, after installing the provided Audacity software when connected to a PC (or Mac), the converter can transfer your cassettes and vinyl records to your PC as MP3 files for playback directly from your PC or transfer to a portable MP3 player.

However, that isn't all, the TEAC LP And Cassette To CD/Digital Converter also incorporates a built-in stereo amplifier and speakers for a great listening experience for a variety of room settings.
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Also Available: TEAC LP and Audio Cassette to CD Recorder (Does not include the PC MP3 recording option).
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5. TEAC - Audio Restoring Cassette To CD Converter

Have you tried to transfer your old audio cassettes to CD, but aren't happy with the results? If so, then you might check out the TEAC Cassette Restoration to CD Converter. This unit provides additional Dolby Noise reduction processing that provides a smoother sounding, and more consistent, quality result when copying audio cassettes to CDs. In addition, this unit also provides the ability to transfer music files from compatible USB devices to CD or vice versa, making the TEAC Audio Restoring Cassette To CD Converter a very flexible transfer and audio recording unit.
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6. Yamaha CDR-HD1500 CD - Hard Drive Combination Recorder

Here is a CD - Hard Drive Combination Recorder for the ultimate music fan. With a 200 GB hard drive you can store up to 400 CDs worth of music, and can copy your stored music to blank CDs at 10x normal speed. You can also record from external sources such audio cassettes and Vinyl records and either listen to them directly off the hard drive, or copy them to CD as well. In addition, before copying from the hard drive to a CD, the CDR-HD1500 allows you to edit your recordings, enabling your own creatively to take over. This unit also has timer recording capability, which is great for recording radio broadcasts from a stereo or home theater receiver. The Yamaha CDR-HD1500 is a little pricey, but for what it offers, it is a very good value. NOTE: Like most standalone CD Recorders, this model has been officially discontinued, but is worth seeking out through third party sources.
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7. Sony RCD-W500C CD Recorder

Enjoy the benefits of a five-disc CD changer and recorder in one. The Sony RCD-W500C can mix selections in any order from the five disc changer and record them onto your "customized" CD-R/RW. This unit also features 4X high speed dubbing, CD-Text, and MP3-CD playback. The RCD-W500C also has both analog and digital audio inputs for recording from any source. Also, with both analog and digital audio output, this unit can be incorporated into a variety of audio or home theater setups. NOTE: Like most standalone CD Recorders, this model may be difficult to find, but is worth seeking out through third party sources.
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