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Find out what you need to know about DVD and Blu-ray Disc technologies right here. Start first with some answers to key questions about DVD, then move on to more detailed information, including extensive FAQs on DVD recorders and the latest information on Blu-ray, as well as past formats, such as HD-DVD and Laserdisc.
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Before You Buy a Portable DVD Player - About.com Portable Electronics
Find out what you need to know before you purchase a portable DVD player, as reported by Nino Marchetti, About.com Guide For Portable Electronics.

Can DVD Players Also Play Standard Music CDs?
DVD players can do more than just play DVDs...

Sony 4K Mastered Blu-ray Discs - Introduction and Overview
Find out about Sony's Mastered in 4K Blu-ray Discs.

DVD Recording Times and Disc Writing Speed - Important Facts
When you buy a blank recordable DVD, on the label it not only refers to the disc size and record mode time, but also refers to Writing Speed. The disc label may indicate a 2x, 4x, 8x, or higher Writing Speed capability. What does this mean to the average consumer? Find out in my article: DVD Recording Times and Disc Writing Speed.

What About True High Definition DVD?
Contrary to you might think, DVD is not a high definition format.

What are Blu-ray and HD-DVD? - What is the Difference?
Find out the difference between Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

What Do The Letters "DVD" Actually Stand For?
DVD is everywhere, but what do the letters "DVD" actually stand for and mean?

What Is The Difference Between Movie DVDs And DVDs Made On A DVD recorder Or PC?
Homemade DVDs are becoming very popular, but the DVDs you make on a DVD recorder or PC aren't quite the same as pre-recorded commercial DVDs.

What Makes DVD Different Than VHS?
DVD is a disc, and VHS is tape, but there are other major differences between DVD and VHS.

DVD and Hi-Def Technology Primer - About.com Home Video
Check out a brief overview of DVD, Blu-ray, and HD-DVD from Ivana Redwine, About.com's Guide for Home Video/DVD.

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