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LG RC897T DVD Recorder VCR Combo - Audio and Video Connections


LG RC897T DVD Recorder VCR Combo - Audio and Video Connections

LG RC897T DVD Recorder VCR Combo - Audio and Video Connections

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Starting on the left is the RF input/output loop. This is where you connect your antenna, or the RF output from a Cable or Satellite box. It is also important to note that the RF output is passive only - You cannot view DVDs using the RF output, you must you one of the other audio/video output options.

To the right of the RF connections is the one that is labeled "IR Transmitter". This is where you plug in the provided IR Blaster for controlling a cable or satellite box.

Moving to the right of the IR connection there are several types of audio and video connections.

First is the "Output" section. The connections here are used to connect the LG RC897T to your TV or home theater system.

The connections in the output section start with the Digital Optical, and Digital Coaxial Next is the Component Video output. This output consists of Red, Green, and Blue connectors. These connectors plug into corresponding connectors on a TV, Video Projector, or AV receiver. If you don't have an HDMI connection on your TV, this would be the next best option. However, you will not be able to access 1080p upscaling for DVDs using this connection, but they will provide better image quality than S-video or composite video outputs.

Just below Component Video outputs are the analog audio/video outputs. First is a an S-Video (gray), and a set of analog stereo outputs, and just to the right, is the Composite (yellow), video outputs, also combined with a set of analog stereo audio outputs.

Next, just above the composite video output set is a section in black labeled "Input 1". This consists of a composite video input and a set of analog stereo inputs. This is where you connect an input source for recording if the source has a composite video and analog stereo outputs, such as a camcorder, VCR, cable or satellite box.

Finally on the top right of this photo is the HDMI output connection. HDMI allows you to access the upscaled DVD images and surrround sound audio. 720p, 1080i, or 1080p upscaled images from DVDs or VHS tapes can be viewed on an HDMI or DVI-equipped (via adapter cable) HDTV via this connection. NOTE: Upscaled DVDs will look much better than upscaled VHS tapes, since VHS tapes are a poor signal source in comparison.

For a look at the inside of the RC897T, proceed to the next two photos...

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