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Home Theater Basics FAQ

Getting Started With Your Own Home Theater


Home theater is a home entertainment option that provides the consumer with an exciting viewing and listening experience. However, many consumers are confused as to what home theater is and how to get started. The following home theater basics FAQ serves as a starting point on how to understand and set up your own home theater by answering some basic questions and providing additional resources to get you started with this exciting entertainment option.

What is Home Theater and What Does it Do for Me?

What is Surround Sound and How do I Get it?

What is Meant by "Home Theater-In-A-Box"?

Is HDTV Really Important for a Home Theater?

Should I Get a Video Projector or a Television?

How Do I go About Building a Custom Home Theater System and Room?

How Do I Hook Everything in My Home Theater Up?

How Do I Position My Loudspeakers and Subwoofer for My Home Theater System?

How Much Do I Really Need to Spend on a Home Theater?

Home theater is an exciting option for entertainment for you and your family. I hope that the above Home Theater Basics FAQs remove both the mystery and cost fears of bringing the home theater experience into your life. Lastly, be sure to check out the additional resources listed on this page for more detailed information, including additional FAQs, on specific topic areas within home theater. As the need arises, articles and resources are continually updated.

Bonus Feature: If home theater terminology and concepts are confusing to you because English is not your primary language, check out a useful guide from Kenneth Beare, About.com ESL Guide.

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