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Is HDTV Really Important for a Home Theater?


Question: Is HDTV Really Important for a Home Theater?
Answer: If you are planning a home theater, you should have an HDTV as part of your setup in order to take best advantage of the home theater viewing experience.

Increased Availability of HDTV Broadcasts

The amount of HDTV programming is increasing rapidly, with HDTV broadcast, cable, and satellite service increasing in availability across the country. Also, the audio that is supplied with HDTV video is often encoded with surround sound, which takes further advantage of your surround sound receiver.

The Progressive Scan Factor

Another twist in the setup is that even though DVD is not a high resolution format, HDTVs can display what is referred to as a progressive scan signal. This enables you to get the most out of your DVD player (most players can output progressive scan which gives the viewer a smoother film-like image when shown on a progressive-scan capable television).

DVD Upscaling

In addition, most DVD players also have HD-upscaling capability, which takes further advantage of high definition capabilities of an HDTV.

The Blu-ray Factor

Lastly, Blu-ray is widely available and very affordable. Blu-ray takes full advantage of the capabilities of HDTV, superceding upscaled DVD with respect to image detail, especially when viewing on large a LCD or Plasma TV, or on projection screens. For more information on how Blu-ray can benefit your HDTV and Home Theater experience, check out my Blu-ray and Blu-ray Disc Player FAQs and my supplementary article, Before You Buy a Blu-ray Disc Player.

For a more detailed explanation of HDTV, and how it can factor into your current and future television viewing, refer to my HDTV FAQs

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