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As a result of increased audio and video content available via the internet, there is now a big emphasis in the integration of the internet with the home theater experience. Check out some useful tips and products. Also, find out how to Record and playback video without the need for video tape or disc.
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About Digtial Video Recording
Check out all the latest DVR and TIVO news, info, and product reviews as reported by Sal Prince, About Guide For Digital Video Recording.

Advantages and Disadvantatges of an Internet-Enabled Home The…
Find out the advantages and disadvantages of integrating the internet with a home theater system.

Best Network Media Players and Media Extenders for Home Theater
An increasing popular home theater add-on is a network media player. These devices allow streaming of movies and music from the internet and some also allow you to access content stored on you PC or a media server for enjoyment on your home theater system. Check out my picks.

DLNA Certifications - The Role of Each Network Media Component in Media Sharing
DLNA Certification Basics - When buying a network media player or device, you want to be sure it is DLNA certified. Learn about the DLNA certifications and gain a better understanding of how to stream media over a home network.

Google TV is not a Television
Google TV Basics - With a Google TV, you have a whole new way to watch your TV. But Google TV is not a television, and it is not only the internet on your TV. Find out exactly what Google TV is.

Guide to DLNA and Samsung AllShare
DLNA and Samsung AllShare make it easy to set up a home network to share and stream photos, music and movies. AllShare is exclusive to Samsung, but it compatible with DLNA. Check out all the details.

Leo Laporte's Guide To TIVO
Here is a resource that delves into the inner workings of TIVO. If you own a TIVO or are considering one, Leo Laporte's Guide To TIVO explains TIVO basics, as well as guiding readers through settings and showing how to perform tweaks by accessing "hidden" codes. For the adventurous, Leo Laporte, and co-author Gareth Branwyn, show the reader how to do physical uprgrades to a TIVO.

Moxi 3-Tuner HD DVR - Moxi Mate Digital Media Player and Anal…
The Moxi 3-Tuner HD-DVR provides a lot features and options for recording TV programs. In addition, it also has network/internet connectivity, plus optional Moxi Mate units that can be placed in another room for access of all the content stored on the HD DVR, as well as selected web-based content. Check out my review.

Moxi System - 3-Tuner HD DVR - Moxi Mate Digital Media Player and Ana…
If you are a TV and video recording fanatic, consider the Moxi 3-Tuner HD DVR. Depending on setup, its three built-in tuners allow recording of up to 3 TV shows simultaneously, while playing back a fourth. It also has a 500GB hard drive and can also accept external drives. With its network/internet connectivity, a Moxi Mate unit can be added in...

Samsung Adds More Networking Features to TVs, Blu-ray Players and Home Theater
At CES 2011, Samsung announced their new line of smart TVs with media search, movie recommendation, and auto wifi setup capabilities. Find out these features and the TwinView Touch Control TV universal remote has a virtual keyboard or can play media on its 3-inch touchscreen.

Samsung AllShare TV - Galaxy S Phones - Galaxy Tab and Wifi Camera/Camcorder...
Samsung AllShare TV - Galaxy S Phones - Galaxy Tab and Wifi Camera/Camcorder - Example of DLNA

Samsung Announces a Wireless Router for Home Theaters With One Foot Connection
Today at CES 2011, Samsung announced the CY-SWR1100 wireless router that is maximized for home theater and has One Foot Connection for auto wireless setup. Find out how the Samsung router works with Samsung network TVs and home theaters for superior video streaming.

Six Ways to Incorporate the Internet into Your Home Theater System
Accessing internet content on a home theater system is getting more popular. Find out all the details how to incorporate the internet into your home theater system.

Ten Features to Compare When Shopping for a Network Attached Storage (NAS)...
A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a great way to centralize your digital media library, including photos, music, and movies. However, before you buy one, find out which features are most important to check for.

Ten Network Media Trends From CES 2011
Check out the top trends for network media hardware for 2011.

SageTV STX-HD100 HD Media Extender - Product Review
The SageTV STX-HD100 HD Media Extender is a great way to integrate your home theater system and PC. For more details, check out my Review.

TIVO 101 - About Digital Video Recording
Confused about what all the TIVO fuss is about? Then check out some basic TIVO info from About.com's Digital Video Recording Guide - Sal Prince.

Top Digital Video Recorders - About TV/Video
Sal Prince, About's Guide to digital video recording, lists the best DVRs to check out.

What Are Digital Formats and Why Do You Need to Know About Them?
What do all those file format acronyms mean? Make sure your network media player is compatible with the file formats in your media library.

What Is a Network Media Player?
What is a network media player? How this device makes it possible to view and listen to your computer's libraries of photos, TV shows and movies on your TV, and listen to music on your home theater speakers.

What is a Powerline Adapter?
If you don't know what a Powerline Adpater is, find out what it is, and how it can make connecting home network easier.

What is a Squeezebox?
Squeezebox by Logictech is a group of products that stream music from your computer or online to different rooms around your house. Check out all the details and find out if it is right for you.

What is DLNA?
What is DLNA? Learn how DLNA certification makes it easy to set up your home network to share and stream photos, music and movies.

What You Need to Play Media on a Network Media Player
Network Media Players - Before you access your photos and videos, or listen to music on a network media player, be sure you have everything you need.

Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player - Product Review
The Seagate FreeAgent Theater is a hard-drive based media player that allows you to play back audio, video, and still image files stored on specially designed portable hard drive and also from USB flash drives and many Digital Still cameras. For more details, check out my review.

Announcing the TiVo interactive television service, more than just ordinary TV viewing, more convenient than a VCR; take complete control of your TV viewing.

Verismo VuNow HD1000 Network Media Extender - Product Review
The VuNow HD1000 is a small set-top box that connects directly to your TV, or through a video-enabled home theater receiver, via HDMI. Using the Verismo VuNow HD1000, you can access a host of internet audio/video content via either by wired or wireless network connection. For more details, read my review.

Channel Master DVR+ TV Antenna DVR Photo Profile
Check out a close-up photo look and explanation of the features of the Channel Master DVR+ TV Antenna DVR.

Channel Master DVR+ TV Antenna DVR - Review
Read my review of the Channel Master DVR+ - A DVR specifically designed for those that receiver TV programs over-the-air via TV antenna.

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