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Samsung AllShare Simplifies Media Streaming - Laptops and More

AllShare is the Perfect illustration of DLNA Certified Products in Action


Samsung laptops with EasyShare AllShare Software

Here is the Easy Share (AllShare) software on Samsung Laptop. This photo shows that the playlist is being sent to play on the Samsung C7000 TV

Photo (c) Barb Gonzalez - Licensed to About.com

Samsung Wifi Digital Cameras & Digital Camcorders

Digital Media Server (DMS) Certified--You take photos and/or videos with your digital camera or camcorder.  The photo and video files are stored on a memory card or the camera's internal hard drive. The AllShare cameras are DMS certified to allow other devices to access the saved photos or videos. This means you can view your photos and videos on your TV or laptop before transferring them to your computer. Your camera must be powered on to access the files.

Digital Media Controller (DMC) Certified--This is a unique and inventive certification for a digital camera or camcorder. It allows you to turn on the camera and select the photos you want to show on your TV, then choose the digital media renderer--the TV, laptop or another device in your house where you want to send the photos or video--and use the camera to play, pause or otherwise control the device where you are playing the media. Because you are using the camera's menu, the camera becomes the controller. Another words, you can play your photos on your TV or laptop and you don't even have to get out the TV's remote control. 

Samsung Laptops 

New laptops come with Windows 7 installed.  Windows 7 and Windows Media Player 12 are DLNA compatible with software that can act as a server, player, controller or renderer.  Beyond that, Samsung has added its AllShare software called "Easy Content Share," to make it easy for other AllShare devices to find the media on your laptop.

Note that when using Windows 7 and Windows Media Player to share your media, you must set up shared folders as public or shared folders so that they can be found by other computers and devices.

Digital Media Server (DMS) Compatible -- The media saved to your shared or public folders will be seen and are accessible by the players, controllers and renderers in your home network. You can easily play any of your stored media on your TV, Blu-ray Disc player or Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S phone.

Digital Media Player (DMP) Compatible -- Windows Media Player 12--also available in Windows Media Player 11--will automatically discover, list media files from the other digital media servers on your home network so that you can play them in Windows Media Player 12. Note that the file format (type) must be compatible with Windows Media Player.

Digital Media Controller (DMC) Compatible -- Windows 7 has a "Play To" feature. When you select a media file, you can right click on it and choose "Play To." A list of available media players appears . Select the digital media renderer--the TV, laptop, Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S phone-- on which you want to play the file.  

Digital Media Renderer (DMR) Compatible -- A Windows 7 PC that has been set up to share files will appear as a Digital Media Renderer on a digital media controller device or in another PC with Windows Media Player version 11 or 12. From your smartphone, digital camera or camcorder, you can choose a media file and play it to your laptop.

Last Words 

You can expect that AllShare will continue to be added to more and more Samsung products as they are released.

In the words of Alan Messer, Member of DLNA Board of Directors, DLNA Senior Director of Connected Consumer Technologies and Standardization, Samsung Electronics:

"Samsung has set up AllShare as the realization of the DLNA dream. It is the ultimate network, the ultimate in connectivity to have a number of audio/video devices that can discover each other, send and receive media as if it were all one device. Initial testing has shown that AllShare mostly works as expected. AllShare seems to be the simple home network media sharing solution for patient people of any tech experience level." 

Download Samsung's AllShare Software Operating System to your PC (Free). Even if your PC is currently DLNA-enabled, Samsung AllShare (also referred to as Samsung Link) software will enable your PC to integrate more fully with Samsung's enhanced All-Share devices and features.

For more on Samsung AllShare, watch our short video tip: What Is Samsung Media AllShare?

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