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Can I Also use an LCD TV as a Computer Monitor?


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Question: Can I Also use an LCD TV as a Computer Monitor?
Answer: The presence and growth of LCD television certainly has its roots in the development and success of LCD computer monitors, and, thus share a great deal of characteristics with them. Most LCD televisions have VGA (PC Monitor) input connections that allow them to be used as a computer monitor.

However, if your main purpose is to use an LCD display as computer monitor, the additional cost of the features of an LCD television, such as a built-in analog or HDTV tuner, analog AV and HDMI inputs, and other features needed for television-like performance, may be extra things you may not need.

On the other hand, if you are a gamer or have your PC integrated into your home theater system, and want the largest possible monitor to play on and show off to your friends, a 32-inch, or larger, LCD television can be a very impressive computer monitor.

If you are planning to use your LCD TV as both a television and computer monitor, make sure the unit your are considering does have VGA, or other connection options, designed for PC use.

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