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Martin Logan Dynamo 700w Wireless Subwoofer - Photo Profile


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Martin Logan Dynamo 700w Wireless Subwoofer - Product Photos
Martin Logan Dynamo 700w Wireless Subwoofer with Accessories

Martin Logan Dynamo 700w Wireless Subwoofer with Accessories

Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com
To start off this look at the Martin Logan Dynamo 700w Subwoofer is a photo of the subwoofer with its included accessories and documentation.

Starting in the center is the actual Dynamo 700w shown in its down-firing configuration.

Moving to the left is an accessory speaker grill that can be used to cover the subwoofer driver cone if the subwoofer is used in it front-firing configuration.

Moving to the top is an included wireless transmitter (SWT-2) and detachable power supply. Also shown are additional accessory RCA connection adapters and removable spike feet. Underneath the transmitter and other other accessories are illustrated user guide and product registration card.

Finally, just to the right of the subwoofer is the detachable power cord.

The Dynamo 700w is a compact subwoofer that features a 10-inch driver, supported by a 300 watt continuous power-capable amplifier. The 700w also has a built-in wireless receiver that can be used directly with the Martin Logan Motion Vision Sound Bar or in conjunction with the included SWT-2 wireless transmitter connected to a any home theater receiver that has a subwoofer or line audio preamp outputs. The Dynamo 700w also provides direct wired RCA LFE or Stereo Line-in connections.

In addition, for flexible setup, the Dynamo 700w can be configured for either a front-firing or down-firing orientation via the included removable corner feet.

For more specification detail of the Dynamo 700w, refer to may Full Review

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