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Guide To Plasma TVs

Plasma Television Basics and Buying Tips


Plasma TVs, like LCD TVs, are a type of flat panel television. However, although on the outside both Plasma and LCD TVs look very similar, on the inside, there are some major differences. For an overview of what you need to know about plasma televisions, as well as some buying suggestions, check out the following guide.

What Is a Plasma TV? - About.com Home Theater Video Tip

To start off our Guide to Plasma TVs, watch our brief, but informative, video tip on what a plasma TV is.
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Plasma TV FAQs

Plasma flat panel televisions are quickly becoming quite commonplace on store shelves and in consumers' homes. Plasma, along with LCD is a part of this home entertainment revolution. For answers to basic questions about Plasma Televisions, Read the Full Article

Before You Buy a Plasma TV

Before you jump at the latest "great AD deal" on a Plasma flat panel television, there are some useful tips to take into consideration.
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What A Sub-Field Drive Is On A Plasma TV

When shopping for a Plasma Television, just as with most consumer electronics products, consumers are confronted with lots of numbers and tech terms. One specification that is unique to Plasma Television is the Sub-Field Drive rate, which is often times stated as 480Hz, 550Hz, 600Hz, or similar number. What does the term Sub-Field Drive and these numbers actually mean?
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Top Plasma Televisions

Plasma television is a viable, and affordable, alternative to those bulky tube and projection sets as prices are coming down and a variety of screen sizes are available.
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The Difference Between Plasma and LCD TVs - About.com Home Theater Video Tip

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What to Look For When Buying a Plasma TV - About.com Home Theater Video Tip

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