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TVs - LCD - Plasma - OLED - DLP TV - Video Projectors

Television has changed a lot in recent years. Once the picture tube television was the only choice for consumers. Now you have projection televisions, LCD and Plasma displays, and video projectors to choose from. Which type is right for you? Start with answers to key questions, then move on to TV basics, product reviews, and a comprehensive list of brands and models.
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Best Video Projector Brand
Place a nomination for best video projector brand in the About.com 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

3D TV and 3D Home Theater Guide
There is a lot of hype and confusion about 3D and its place in home entertainment. Check out my complete look at 3D, including history, technology, and discussion on whether there are really any health issues with watching 3D.

Before You Buy a 3D TV
3D TVs bring an exciting new dimension to the home entertainment experience. However, before you buy, check out some useful tips to take into consideration.

Buying A Television - What You Need To Know - Basic Tips For Television Shoppers
No matter what type or size of TV you want to buy there are some basic things to take into consideration. Find out what they are in my artilce: Buying A Television.

Closed Captioning - About.com Inventors
The history and function of Closed Captioning, as reported by Mary Bellis, About.com For Inventors and Inventing.

Do you Own and Use a 3D TV?
3D is the new buzzword in home theater, and depending on who talk to it is going to be either the greatest thing since sliced-bread or the biggest consumer electronics folly ever. If you own a 3D what has been your experience with it so far?

HDTV is making progress with more affordable products and accessible programming, making it an increasing viable choice for the consumer. Programming providers, such as Showtime, HBO, Discovery, ESPN, HDnet, and all of the major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and WB) are dedicating more broadcast hours to HDTV. For answers to some common...

June 12, 2009 - Analog Television Broadcasting Gets Turned Off
Now that the DTV transition has taken effect, find out what lies ahead for the U.S. TV viewer.

LED - The Truth About "LED" Televisions
There has been a lot of hype and confusion, surrounding the introduction of LED TVs. Even sales professionals that should no better are falsely explaining what an LED Television is to their prospective customers. Find out what LED TVs really are.

Optoma HD806 DLP Video Projector - Short Review
Check out my product description and review the Optoma HD806 1080p DLP Projector.

Should I Buy an LCD Television or a PLASMA Television?
Trying to decide on whether to buy and LCD or Plasma TV? Check out my FAQ on this to see which type might be better for you.

Should I Get a Video Projector or a Television?
Are you trying to decide between a video projector and TV? To help you decide, read my useful tips.

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